Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Mexico Pictorials

It's 2 a.m. I've given up trying to sleep. Every time I lie down two teeth on my right jaw start to throb and hurt so badly that I'm in tears. No point.

So here are some more photos of my trip to Mexico in October 2006. I think I took about 350 photos but will not subject you to all of them. At my Picasa site I've started to divide the pics into albums so that one will be churches, one the countryside, markets, florals and plants, Uxmal and Teotehuacan World Heritage sites, a bird sanctuary on the Yucatan facing the Gulf of Mexico, a few museums. And a miscellaneous album for odd pics that don't fit anywhere else.

Now blogger can't find my pics on the computer and I'm too tired to try and find the problem. So just trust me. Go to Picasa. The photos are all there for you to see.

And for heaven's sake, somebody send a comment once in a while. I know you look at the blog but it's lonely here, sorting through photos and typing away for you at 2:53 am. Thanks :-)
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