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A few minutes before the end of the game everyone is already standing.
 The tension is incredible and the arena a sea of red hats and sweaters.

Canada's side of the ice is cleaned by a tireless volunteer crew.
Going into overtime...

A few seconds after the final goal. Folks in the stands are just erupting from
 their seats and the roar of the crowd is deafening.

Volunteer security head to the ice and Canada's Team are busy pummelling each other.

At this point it is impossible for me to get a decent shot because as you see below
there are lots of happy people in the way. 

My favourite shot of the whole three week experience. The gold medals our guys wore were all different parts of the same large piece of West Coast native art designed in gold. Silver and bronze - same designer. Just gorgeous!

My second most favourite shot

Canada - First Place Gold
USA - Second Place Silver
Finland - Third Place Bronze
A hell of a series

The best volunteers on the planet

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