Saturday, March 22, 2008

Junior Magicians

T & J's Magnificent Magic Show

Going for walk around the neighbourhood today I came across two little guys about eleven years old performing a magic show for spare change. Apparently, they stand on this corner on weekends and perform for passersby. Not only do they entertain with a large bevy of magic tricks, the one guy, T, is an amazing contortionist, twisting his legs and arms into seemingly impossible convolutions. Gollum?

They are so funny and entertaining that T & J have gained quite a following. In fact, one passerby is an indie film maker who will be doing a five minute short about them and will be submitting it to a competition. Good luck to all three. Check out their show next time you are walking in the West End near the Burrard Street Bridge.

A few more pics at Picasa.

Friday, March 21, 2008

My Floral Pictorial is on Picasa

Me again

I'm learning how to create online photo albums using Picasa. My first effort is now uploaded and you are welcome to visit anytime. Click on the link in the sidebar.

These photos were taken last year in Summerland, BC. My friend has a house there and last August her gardens were in full bloom, the air redolent with the scents of the good earth, echinacea, feverfew and velvety deep red and white roses; apple, pear and apricot trees well on the way to harvest time. The famous volcanic remnant Giant's Head is visible from her backyard and the semi-rural homes in the area just as beautiful as hers. She has one black currant bush that provides one large luscious bowl of fruit per branch.

The apricots are from a neighbour whose tree was laden with succulent apricots - too many for one household. As you can see by the pics, canning, juicing and making jams are de rigueur, and what you see is only half of her harvest. When I was visiting, the smell of these delicious, glowingly healthy gifts of the earth wafted through the house, out the doors and throughout the neighbourhood. I collected a little container of poppy seeds that I'm tempted to scatter throughout my Vancouver neighbourhood to liven things up even more.

On this first day of Spring let us celebrate the return of the Sun and give thanks for Nature's bounty yet to come.