Saturday, March 22, 2008

Junior Magicians

T & J's Magnificent Magic Show

Going for walk around the neighbourhood today I came across two little guys about eleven years old performing a magic show for spare change. Apparently, they stand on this corner on weekends and perform for passersby. Not only do they entertain with a large bevy of magic tricks, the one guy, T, is an amazing contortionist, twisting his legs and arms into seemingly impossible convolutions. Gollum?

They are so funny and entertaining that T & J have gained quite a following. In fact, one passerby is an indie film maker who will be doing a five minute short about them and will be submitting it to a competition. Good luck to all three. Check out their show next time you are walking in the West End near the Burrard Street Bridge.

A few more pics at Picasa.
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