Saturday, February 16, 2013

Think About...

This is the sort of thing I think about when washing the dishes... Disposable razors ... Sure, they are convenient ... for you maybe. But think about this for a minute.

How many billions of the things are manufactured globally in a year? The info I found says "In the US 68 MILLION men use them every year". (LOL - no mention of women who shave underarms, legs and other body parts frequently)

How often are they used before tossing them in the garbage? Anywhere from twice to a dozen?

Did you know that using a safety razor will cost you way less? Let's face it, we pay more for the packaging than for the product. And that goes in the garbage, too.

Since the blades are made of poor quality metal and the handles and cartridges are plastic, that's an awful lot of non-biodegradable stuff going into landfills and being dumped in oceans. Millions of cubic feet annually. It will sit there forever too. A thousand years from now our descendants will come across these in their billions and curse us. Justifiably.

Think about it.

And I like the way a beard looks on a man. Just let me wipe that egg from your moustache for you - unless you are saving it for a snack ;)

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