Sunday, June 07, 2009

A Long Time ...

It has been way too long since I posted here. My apologies to my one reader ... lol. Hi, rauf.

I have been very busy doing co-op things, looking for work things, walking dogs things, etc. Just wanted to share with you a blog that will give you the courage to face whatever life tosses your way.

As an online game moderator - - (click on the brit/US flag for English) I have had the pleasure of getting to know people from all over this amazing planet. I have made many friends, even met a few from distant places - Hamilton, Ontario and Helsinki - but today is about a true warrior and his family. This player has always been friendly, helpful and honourable as a player - something that indicates to me the truest character of the person in the real world. In early May 'Garand' was diagnosed with cancer. Soon after, he closed his game account to focus on the important needs of healing, family and the positive power of prayer and a steadfast, unshakeable faith in God. It seems to be working.

Rather than close themselves off from the world he and his wonderful wife have chosen to share their journey toward healing.

Please visit

And come away with a joyful heart.

Hugs and cookies.

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