Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Thoughts on the American Elections: One Canadian's Perspective

Since 9/11 I have followed the news from the US with trepidation and, I admit some fearfulness.

Shock, denial, paranoia, abject fear, a closing up of the psyche, reactionary attitudes and terrible aggression. But I've also watched as more & more Americans have taken the time to really learn about the rest of the world, too. Travelling to other countries, reading more about themselves as others view them, taking the time to examine the issues from a different perspective, become in turn frightened, frustrated then angry as they realize how they have been used, manipulated and denied more and more freedom in their own country by those in elected office and those with enormous corporate power.

And the result is a new willingness to take power back into their own hands. To not allow their fears to paralyze and dictate an empty arrogance in the face of internal and external disapproval and economic chaos.

Yesterday I watched with admiration as democracy was taken back and used, by the majority, for the good of all. I'm not saying that either Mr. Obama or Mr. McCain should have won or lost. I am saying that I now have some admiration again for the American people as a nation. They have accepted that change is necessary and that their voices and actions have come through loud and clear.

Welcome Back!
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