Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Day

Well, we had a lovely surprise on the 25th. A white Christmas!

It started to snow at around mid-day but didn't become heavy until most travellers had arrived at their destinations throughout the lower mainland. Those of us who came for dinner at my daughter's house arrived easily but latecomers like my dad, who's little Honda Civic has baldish tires, had to park and walk. Now, Dad has not been to the new townhouse in Port Moody so became semi-lost. My sister ha
d a brilliant idea; she set off her car's alarm for a minute. Then we called Dad's cellphone and he followed the honks. Poor guy, 82 and stumbling through 4 inches of wet snow in leather shoes. But, intrepid world traveller that he is, he made it in time for delicious appetizers, hot tea, and a good glass of wine.

I didn't get pics of the snowfall, which is too bad.
Their back yard looks into a mix of leafless trees and cedars, Behind that is a protected salmon stream. At night with snow laden branches and nothing but the sound of the water rushing by in the dark, it was quite beautiful. Below is a picture of the previous snowfall to hit Vancouver.

We had a terrific dinner, lots of food, wine, desserts and cheerful, happy chatter. It's a joy when we all get together, catching up on family news, lots of hugs and kisses, watching the excited faces when my grandson and my nephew discover racing car sets, microscopes and geology kits hiding under the gift wrap, bows and ribbons.

Unfortunately, not all the family could make it, but 14 was still a full and happy houseful. We hope Stephen & Aiyana; Tyler, Karen & my beautiful granddaughters; Kyle & Jenn; Angeline & Mac; Aaron & Troy and all the gang on the Island had as wonderful a day as we did.

May your paths always be full of joy and light.

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