Saturday, August 18, 2007

Experiments with eBay

Needed some extra cash so what to do? Had some genealogy books that I'd been carting around since the Dark Ages and some beautiful, delicate fine china teacups, never used. So as an experiment I thought I'd try selling them on eBay just to see how the whole process worked.

Well, I made $500. Cdn on the books! This is so cool. Now I have the money to pay for a membership for the Co-operative Auto Network (CAN) without resorting to my overworked charge card. And although the teacups didn't sell the first time, I've an offer on one the second time I put them up for auction at a slightly reduced price. Now my neighbour has asked if I can sell some of her books, crafts and teacup sets. She'll give me a percentage.

eBay is fun. And Paypal is my new pal.
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