Saturday, July 07, 2007

Wow...Life kind of gets in the way of one's plans. It's been months since I posted to this blog (which no one reads anyway).

Lots has happened in the meantime. I'm studying for a Class 2 drivers license. Want to get work as a bus driver. Vancouver Transit has community shuttle buses that scoot around the local neighbourhoods. It's shift work, the pay and benefits are very good. It will be interesting because I love driving. With the Olympics coming up in a few years it's an opportunity to meet people from all over the world, however briefly. And I do love showing off my city.

My youngest is off on another Australian adventure. She's becoming quite the seasoned traveller. She's jumped out of planes, rolled down a hill in a giant ball of water, walked on a glacier in New Zealand, learned to scuba dive in the Indian Ocean near Perth, got a pedicure in Hong Kong's airport, eaten bugs in the Outback, was peed on by Ned Kelly (an orphaned baby kangaroo), visited the Hobbit Village, explored her Maori heritage, walked around Uluru, and met some wonderful people from all over this little green blue planet.

This is Uluru, the navel of the Earth, a most ancient, sacred and mystical place. A great red rock in the middle of the Australian continent. 3 hours to walk around.

Made some money at the Annual Courtyard Sale at our housing co-operative. Got rid of a few household items as well as some beach bags, sunglass bags and crochet cellphone bags that I made for the event. I love my new sewing machine. It's a Pfaff, it's quiet, it doesn't skip stitches and it has a walking foot so that thin fabrics can be fed through evenly top and bottom to prevent puckering. I'd post a pic of the beach bags but sold them all but that's my incentive to make more. This pic is of the first cell bag I made. I was tired of trying to find the phone in the bottom of my purse so made this. It's bright, has a long strap to wear across my shoulder or to tie to the handle of my purse. The others are later variations. There are also small bags for cell, change, keys and a credit card. I've also experimented with crocheted sleeves for coffee cups. Saving the planet in my own little way, by eliminating those foam or paper sleeves. These are washable. More on crafts, sewing and life in Vancouver at a later date.
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